Mossburn Ardmore Single Malt 2008


Ardmore Single Malt selected and bottled by Mossburn Distillers – 70cl at 46% Vol. No. 6 in the Mossburn Vintage Casks series.

Tasting Notes

No coastal influence here but plenty of peat! Ardmore Distillery is in the Eastern Highlands and stands out because most of its spirit is made from peated barley fermented in 14 wooden wash-backs. Here we have an initial smokiness from the phenols in the barley re-enforced by being aged in re-used Islay barrels. This lifts the wood-smoke elements which are then balanced out with some light vanilla and apple notes. More smoky flavours and sweeter touches are evident in the flavour with a light hind of cloves and woody cinnamon in the finish.